Petrol Hedge Trimmer
GE-PH 2555 A

  • Low-vibration 2-stroke engine
  • Quick Start system for easy starting (Auto Choke)
  • Primer (manual fuel pump) for fast starting after a long break
  • Electronic ignition
  • Safety cutters made of precision-ground special steel
  • Swivel handle +90°/0°/-90°
  • Vibration-damped additional handle
  • Large hand guard
  • Anti vibration system
  • Large filling port
  • Centrifugal clutch for cutting tool
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The GE-PH 2555 A petrol hedge trimmer is an extremely powerful, robust and indispensable helper for the trimming of hedges, shrubs and bushes where there is no connection to the electric power grid. Its low-vibration two-stroke engine holds ample power reserves for cutting even thick branches. The Quick-Start system with primer and auto choke enables quick, effortless starting even after long breaks. The GE-PH 2555 A is fitted with a swiveling handle and can therefore be well adapted to the particular cutting situation and enables ergonomic operation. A large hand guard provides the required safety, and the anti-vibration system and vibration-absorbing additional handle make for user-friendly operation. In conjunction with a centrifugal clutch, the counter-rotating double-bladed safety cutters made of laser-cut and precision-milled special steel achieve very good cutting results.

Technical Info
Engine two-stroke, air cooled
Engine displacement 24.5 cm³
Power 0.85 kW
Capacity of fuel tank 0.33 L
Sword length 61 cm
Cutting length 55 cm
Spacing between teeth 28 mm
Cuts per minute 1900 min^-1
Logistic Info
Length 1120 mm
Width 240 mm
Height 220 mm
Gross weight single packaging 8.3 kg
Product weight 5.45 kg
Product Documents


Identnumber 11012

Download Instructions for GE-PH 2555 A                        
Download Instructions for GE-PH 2555 A                        
Download Instructions for GE-PH 2555 A                        
Download Instructions for GE-PH 2555 A                        
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